Desc : brings you all this wet and female "yellowing" all over town. These honeys share their pee and puddles with us. Nothing makes a man follow a woman around, like stilettos. Apparently, this gal wears them to keep "above the water," as she squats and leaves her scent. Another girl, the athletic type, doesn't mind doing double duty as she works on her calf and gluts, by doing "squats." She even goes up on her toes, bouncing for maximum benefit. Her "workout" leaves her ready for more tennis, and us, a "reflection" of fun. Checking out the local store, our guy spies something "tasty" and follows her. As she makes her way home, she bends down and pees, right through her underwear. Startled by the camera, she hides her face, but luckily, keeps on going. In a hot mini skirt and black boots, this sweetie has the attention of not only the camera, but of us. She ducks into a secluded parking lot and spreads her bent knees apart. Tickle, tinkle without a pot, we like to watch you cop a squat. Wet and scented is the spot, you've not finished, but there's always another lot. !


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