Desc : A pretty Japanese miss sits on our specially -rigged voyeur toilet and plunges a hand into her lovely sky-blue satin underwear. In a split screen we get the double pleasure of watching her face contort with pleasure and lust, AND utilizing the special camera's viewpoint from inside the toilet bowl aimed straight up at our honey's ass and pussy crack.nnThe firm brown knot of an ass pucker is joined by the motion of a plunging middle finger popped into her sweet sticky slit. She's intent in digging deep into the juicy crack and wiggling that finger around to get the deep satisfaction she craves. It's a vision not intended for a man to see, but through the wonders of technology, we can revel in an Asian beauty's most intimate forbidden moments of erotic delight. Once her body quakes with orgasm, she stands to wipe up and go on about her day--no wiser that so many voyeurs have shared such a hot episode of pure pleasure. !

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