Desc : Noel is at her boyfriend's house, ready to give herself to him. This "Beautiful Lover Noel #1" video for is about mutual pleasure and fulfilling desires. As he lays her back, tweaking her nipples to arouse, he sucks each areola until they tighten and spring up. Noel is shy, and loves to play bashful, much to her lover's delight. Camel toeing her in her white panties excites both. After removing this "obstacle," he goes down on her and laps up all her juices; fingering her vagina also stimulates. Moving her to all fours, he spreads her apart to look at all she has to offer. Again the boy "digits" her vulva until she is dripping. Asking if she will suck him, Noel answers, orally. As she swallows much of his thick cock, the camera zooms in; she tastes what she will soon be riding. Cowgirling his cock, Noel's tight opening needs a bit of time to adjust to his size, but both are happy to "accommodate." The camera then captures a great view of Noel's porcelain ass as it goes up and down. The boy takes over and thrusts from below; as she holds on, he continues to ungulate his hips. Turning her around, to face him, then on all fours, Noel is pleasured and lets her lover in, completely. The two finish up in a missionary position; she reaches down and strokes his cock with her hands, as well as lips. Rapidly thrusting, her boyfriend pulls out and adds "dots" to her areolas. Download the full video here! !


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