Desc : Our camera guy definitely has a nose for the girls who need to go. As he follows these gals, he's got on film what we like to see and hear, something that really "wets" our whistle, as well as the ground. The only problem is that he's not real good at hiding himself. These videos contain some nice flow and run, but they keep catching him staring. Out in the city, some girls are in a park or taking a jog, when they need to take a leak. Most try the "squat and go" technique, but are startled by our camera guy and run off. Seeing their furry little muffs "make a splash," quenches our thirst; them catching him, is an extra bit of fun. Our guy always gets the "after path" of each girl. One gal has to go and cameraman or not, she is going to "hose down the path." She even has time to wipe up, toss the tissue at him, and calmly walk away. I like this girl; she knows how to "mark her territory." The last honey likes to stand and aim; hell, she shoots farther than I do. !

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