Desc : There's an out of the way Tokyo ladies' room stall where the sexiest young Japanese ladies from Nagoya to Nagasaki head when they can't hold back their peepee for another second. And are you luck? We're there with a camera set up to record when the pretty pungent piss shoots out and an errant droplet or two splashes down into the cold steel basin below.nnWhile these babes hike up their skirts and yank down their panties to squat, we are ready to flash a bit of light into the dark shadowy crack where all the magic happens. Suddenly a mysterious furry crack is lit up and glowing so you won't miss one drop of that hot musky splatter. They blot up their moist holes and toss the wet tissue into the basin before they flush and it's so sharp and close you can almost taste it. Watch the soft curve of long lean thighs as beautiful Asians squat down to calm their tingling bladders. It's a sight any guy would treasure, and you get to linger over each fragrant frame. !


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