Desc : Hanging out at a park, Hitomi and a friend enjoy some fun as they lounge. Feeling sleepy, this model takes a nap; a perfect time for a feel from her friend. As the girl fondles Hitomi's breasts, she awakens none the wiser. The girls part and head off in different directions. Sitting at a park, Hitomi senses some urges and begins to feel herself up. Not long after, she moves to a quieter spot to pet her kitty; by now, her tits are exposed and her panties are at her ankles. As we watch her play, undressing is not the only thing this Asian flower is quick at. Rubbing her clit aggressively, she moans, gasps and cums; one hand is still on her boobs. Going about her sexual exploits, Hitomi is a quick cummer and manages a "handful" of orgasms to satisfy herself. With our close-up shots, we are right in the action as we hear the succulent sounds of satisfaction, as well. "Tapped out," Hitomi has her last gasps of climaxing and happy licks her fingers. Redressing, she stands up, walks off, and continues with her fun day. !


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