Desc : After a long day of work, girlfriends Misa and Setsu return home for some fun they started this morning. They were kissing and groping in the AM and now want to finish in the PM. Misa is the long-haired girl and Setsu has short hair. Lying atop, Setsu kisses and playfully gropes her partner, while Misa moans softly. Of these girls, Setsu is more of the "giver" while Misa loves to "receive." Misa's hard nipples are sucked and rolled between her girlfriend's fingers; Misa responds by letter her legs fall open. Pulling down her dress, Setsu massages their breasts together as they kiss, lick and pleasure one another. Sliding her hand down between Misa's thighs, Setsu rolls her finger over the hardening clit of her lover. Watching Misa squirm, Setsu then pulls off the girl's panties, and pushes her head between Misa's thighs. Licking up all the sweet juices, Setsu has her cumming quickly and twitching in repose. Misa then rolls Setsu onto her back and pleasures her as well. A long day at work is worth it, when you have someone to "cum-at-home" with. !

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