Desc : Miwa is the type of gal who, when the mood strikes, will find a nice spot to rub one out. When we spotted her at a nearby park, turned on the camera, followed her, and captured a life in the day of a horny girl. Starting in a bathroom stall, after Miwa pees, she leans back for a feel; this girl is sex on stilts. As she leaves the stall, we can tell that Miwa's pussy is far from satisfied; she wanders into the men's room. Watching for someone to use the urinal, along comes a boy for her to watch. Spying on a guy peeing arouses her loins and she finds a nearby bench to playout her fantasy. At first, she is happy just sticking a few fingers down her shorts, but it doesn't take long for our Asian girl to realize her cut-offs and panties must go. Giving her, and us, full access, Miwa's fingering has her climaxing; she rolls her nipples in her fingertips. Sensing there is more to give, she palpates her furry box and again erupts in ecstasy. Finished with "the park" our gal redresses and walks away, self-satisfied. !


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