Desc : Here's a quick and sexy compilation of three hot little piss videos. In the first, a lean and lovely Japanese lady showers and then sets a basin down on the shower floor. She squats over and releases a powerful piss stream that half fills the basin. In the second, someone's getting very creative. Our pretty lass proudly shows off a basin full of white fluffy cotton candy. When she stands and pees into the basin, the cotton candy melts away into a sweet sugary solution of dissolved candy and hot girl pee. The third part shows what happens when pretty girl hikers need to find a secluded spot off the hiking trail to empty their aching bladders. Their steamy piss splatters against tree roots and dry leaves before our sporty maidens pull their panties up and continue their hikes. !

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Added: 2021-06-18 | Duration: 1:09 | Tags: piss japan tv

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