Desc : The spycam is on the hunt once again. This time it's out in community catching glimpses of people satisfying their needs. Panning to a cute couple who seem to be "entertaining" each other, we then "spy" Seira sitting on a bench. Picking up her scent, it seems this girl likes to "scratch her itch" in public. As she is "motivated" by the couple, our gal slides her hand between her thighs until they suddenly leave, and our "kitty" is left "holding the bag." Finding herself in the bushes, Seira squats down to cop a feel of her furry treasure; our Asian blossom just needed a quieter place to "explore." Taking in the sights, sounds and smells of our gal, her moistened fingers find their way to satisfaction and she orgasms. "Digging in," Seira climaxes again before exposing herself fully; as she removes her underwear, she quickly surveys the area. "Tapping the cat" one more time before withdrawing, our cuties does have a way with finger control. !


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