Desc : A sporty Tokyo lass steps out of the workaday routine and into the toilet to play finger hockey with her hungry snatch. Her full lush lower lips open like a magic portal for her hand to make that powerful connection to her deepest private parts. Her knit panties aren't the most feminine and alluring, but what she lacks in fashion sense, this babe certainly makes up for in gusto!nnTwo fingers play peekaboo into the crotch of her fuzzy panties, and our hot honey is spasming and shaking with uncontrolled delight. Her face frozen in a orgasmic grimace, she stands up to pull open those big thick lips and run her fingers along that heavenly trail from vagina to clit. Her breath is halting and she grabs the wall to steady herself. The tight knot of her pucker throbs with excitement and her soft thighs jiggle with each thrust of her hand. We see all of this in laser-sharp closeup from a sneaky camera placed just below the toilet's rim. She gives her fingers a lick, to taste the honeyed juices or give a little more glide. In any case, it's just what she needed and she sinks into a satisfied relaxation. If she knew the view all of us have enjoyed, maybe she would not be so relaxed--haha! !


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