Desc : Out on the town, finds a couple of adventurous girls. Both these honeys seem to enjoy being filmed. The first woman I meet in an elevator; by the time she's done with me, that's not the only thing going up. Pushing all my buttons, I invite her to play and strip. In a nice quiet stairwell, she keeps my attention as she climbs some stairs; now how did she know my favorite color is pink? Stripping and teasing, I'd say this isn't the first "stairwell" she's done, but I do like her attitude and petite body. Once she removes her bra and panties, she hikes her leg up; again, how did she know pink is my favorite color? The second girl is out on the street and sees my camera; she comes over and gives me a look. Playfully, she walks away up some stairs, hiking up her dress; I'd follow that bubble butt anywhere. At the top, she unzips her dress and offers more. Ducking inside a nearby restroom, she strips down and shows us just how playful she can be, offering a touch. Spreading her lips, she too is my favorite color, with a bit of "fringe." Posing, she definitely loves the outdoors as I enjoy all of her. In just her dress, she teasingly gives one last "good" bye. !


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