Desc : A lovely young lady stands on a stairway landing, chatting on the phone as our camera shoots the delightful view up her skirt at her long slender legs. She saunters down and lets the cameraman rub his hands across her pert breasts and perky nipples. rnrnHe even slides his finger along her crotch and rubs her pussy over her panties. She strips down for him and drops her undies, then takes her place seated in the corner of a deserted rooftop; her open pussy is all the encouragement he needs to slide his fingers in while she moans with pleasure.rnrnTwo fingers follow and the camera catches every moment as her wet snatch soaks the palm of his hand. He strokes and thrusts in with his fingers as she drenches his hand with her thick juicy ladylube.rnrnWe follow another girl, this one in a pretty flowered dress and pink panties that she doffs and leaves behind for the cameraman to pick up. She wanders to a field and gives us a dazzling view of her furry bush and the soft lips underneath. It's all too much for the cameraman, who can't keep his fingers out of her moist little snatch. She lets out a groan and lies back to get fingered while she sprays out drips of her juice. As he goes in one more time, his hand and the ground below are showered with the sticky fruits of her perfect pussy. !


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