Desc : Don't mind the boy's ass; it's the girl that's caught the cameraman's eye, as he follows the sexy short skirt, looking for a spot to squat. Finally, a quiet place, this gal pulls her panties to her knees and is startled by a guy on a bike; "remember girls, don't flow where you can become the show." She then ducks down between a couple of cars; funny, I thought the lines are usually yellow; this one will soon be. Finished, she heads off, working that miniskirt. Next, a gal needs some relief and walks into a nearby park. Cars go by; bikes go by, but no porta-potties. Sneaking off for a more private "bush," she pulls down her panties and met with an audience. After the boy leaves, she barely has time to squat, as she flows full-stream. Wetting herself, she takes off her panties and leaves them behind, for us. Checking out the goodies, the cameraman can't help by take in the scent, and pool. !


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